One of my favorite parts of being  photographer is having the ability to tell stories through my work. Blogging allows me to tell a story from start to finish, whether it be a wedding day or a portrait session. The highlights of a day are wonderful, but the little details that help tie it all together are my personal favorite.






Bonnie and Joshua had the most perfect wedding at Bonnie's families private farm in Salem, Oregon. Everything was elegant and timelessly designed, but also so personal at the same time. The rows and rows of hops on a sun drenched day set the perfect scene for this summer soirée. They even took some of the hops and used in their stunning hand constructed ceremony arbor, as well as in Josh's boutonnière. The day began in a breathtaking Southern style home, also belonging to Bonnie's family, which was just a few miles up the road. It made the perfect setting for the quiet excitement of the morning, and Bonnie and Joshua counting down the minutes until their first look. Their wedding had a perfect balance between classic and modern. The elements of their day...

Bonnie + Joshua

August 4, 2018

Wedding Portraiture

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